Sparking Imaginations


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Inspiring Curiousity!

We create STEAM-based camps, workshops & activities that introduce kids to a wide range of ideas, skills, and techniques. To make kids wonder, question and think critically and engage their minds.

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Igniting Creativity!

Kids blossom developing ideas that build on what they learn in school. We help them explore their passions and encourage their imaginations to see the world in a different way.

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Fueling Innovation!

Our goal is to combine students’ natural creativity with purpose, helping them develop as innovators. Teaching kids to be innovative will help them be more creative and sharpen their minds, leading to success in life and school.


These STEAM activities engage students in projects that combine different elements of STEAM, they learn to ask questions, discover answers, apply what they learn, and problem-solve creatively. Completing the STEAM activities  will  teach kids how to take risks, and figure out how to really “think outside the box”. 

Virtual Summer Camp

Want to keep your child engaged in fun, hands-on STEAM activities?

The Great Games Virtual Summer Camp gets children excited about STEAM through unforgettable hands-on experiences that capture their imagination. During the week, campers explore a  game theme that fosters discovery, invention, and creativity.

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Destination Imagination Program

California Creativity sponsors the Destination Imagination (DI) program in California.  DI is a hands-on problem solving experience that inspires kids to be outrageously creative. Using STEAM, teams of students think outside the box and create unique solutions to one of seven different challenges in preparation for a FUN innovative competition. California Creativity. sponsors the Destination Imagination program in California

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