Summer Fun

Try some of these fun STEAM activities!

Outdoor STEAM Activities

Get outdoors and enjoy some creative play with these awesome STEAM activities for kids!

Water Balloon Parachutes:

Everyone loves a good water balloon activity on a hot day. Using a plastic bag with handles, get creative and have some fun with this water balloon parachute from Fantastic Fun and Learning.

Fun with Circuits:

Time to get your hands dirty and learn about circuits with this experiment from Teach Beside Me.

Rocket Station:

Have a budding young space or science lover at home? Using simple materials like duct tape, plastic bottles, baking soda and vinegar, you can create your own rocket building station, courtesy of Lemon Lime Adventures.

Freestyle Painting:

Time to paint—with your feet! Take the mess outside with this creative art project by Fun at Home with the Kids.

Solar S’mores:

Harness the power of the sun to make one of the tastiest treats ever invented—s’mores! Check out our DIY Solar S’mores Oven.

Paper airplane with propeller:

Do your kids enjoy building paper airplanes? Then they may be interested to try and build a paper plane with a working propeller.

Ocean in a Bottle

The way the waves roll cascade inside the bottle is just beautiful, and watching the big blobs of colour swoosh and fall through the yellow oil is really fascinating.

Straw Roller Coaster

Build a roller coaster for a ping pong ball out of straws, hot glue, and a cardboard box for a base.